Bass Fishing on a Budget

Bass Fishing on a Budget

Bass fishing can get expensive in a hurry. Especially if you fish on a regular basis and try to keep up with the latest tackle trends. It can make bass fishing on a budget a real challenge.

Budget lures are getting harder and harder to come by these days. And with more and more media coverage for professional bass fishing tournaments, there is a lot of pressure on bass anglers to buy the products and equipment that their favorite pro bass angler promotes.

Rods and reels can be some of the most expensive pieces of staple equipment that a bass angler buys. But let’s face it; if you’re bass fishing on a budget, buying the products being promoted by the pros will use up your fishing budget pretty quickly.

So if you want to have decent equipment but can’t afford to buy a lot of the stuff being pushed by pro anglers, read on. I’ve got some great tips for you in this blog post.

There are many places where you can buy decent quality bass fishing tackle and accessories without breaking the bank. It will require some scouting and shopping around, but doing this will go a long way toward stretching your dollar a long way, without necessarily buying junk fishing tackle.

And the items that can be found on a tight budget even include boating accessories, such as quality fish finders, LED lights and much more. If you spend some time comparison shopping, reading reviews and looking for sales or discount codes you can save a ton of cash.

This blog post isn’t meant to get into a lot of details or name a lot of specifics when it comes to specific items or specific retailers, but I will give you a few suggestions based on my own experiences. And since everyone has different preferences when it comes to styles of fishing, your needs will vary from mine. So below are a few suggestions to help get you started and pointed in the right direction.

First, as mentioned above, do some price comparisons. Use the internet to find the absolute best price on any items you want to buy. Read product reviews to find out which products have the best reputation. You can find some really great products out there by doing this, since people have already bought a product and use it before writing their reviews.

One other way to save money on lures is to make your own. Doing this will cut the average price of your lures in half. There will be a little bit of  a cash outlay to get started. But once you figure out what you need and start making your own baits, you’ll find it less expensive and more rewarding than buying retail lures off the store shelf. 

Personally, I never spend much money on gear. For years I just used a rod I found on the bank of the Charles river. I threw an old reel on there with some braided line and headed out with a pack of Gary Yamamoto Kut tails. The rod was so worn it would flex like no rod I had ever seen, which was perfect for someone who loved a good fight. I pulled in good sized bass almost every single day with that setup. 

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