Northeast Sportsman Optics

Northeast Sportsman Optics

Northeast Sportsman has all optics made right here in the United States. We are focused on bringing our customers the very best rifle scopes, red dot sights, laser sights, and night vision scopes.

What Sets us apart:

Brilliant Clarity    

Our lens coating improve the image visible through optics, and eliminate fogging of the optics.

Bright, Crisp Illumination  

Easily adjust illumination with the touch of a button on all Battery powered optics.

Multiple brightness levels for all environments.

Precision-Built Reticles

No dim, hard to see reticles.

Exceptional Quality

Northeast Sportsman is committed to Customer Satisfaction through the design, development, and manufacture of competitive quality products and technical support. 


Northeast Sportsman RMR 

The most versatile and popular of all RMR dots. The dot is small enough to allow accurate shooting at range while also being big enough to locate quickly. 


Northeast Sportsman 4x32 ACOG

Makes a clear picture of the target

Useful in low-light conditions

Chevron reticle and real-fiber optics

Unfailingly maintains zero – even under heavy recoil


Northeast Sportsman Red Dot With Laser

Crisp 3 MOA Red Dot and Brilliant Red Laser Sight provide precise performance when speed matters.

Shockproof circuitry rated for impacts up to 800 G’s – it can handle plenty of recoil.


Northeast Sportsman Tactical Short scope with Laser Sight

Made for close to mid-range shooting. Integrated and independently controlled, red laser sight allows for quick acquisition of close quarter targets.


Northeast Sportsman Digital Night vision Scope 4K 3-24X

Detects animal body heat through crops or fog and doesn’t require any visible light to produce a sharp image.

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